In My ClassRoom!!!

I am in the class,
Drinking water from the glass.
I am seeing the clock,
When the substitution has gone
on a walk.
Everybody was preparing themselves for the map test,
Because they wanted to score their best.
I was reading the book of 'Harry Potter',
Again when, I was drinking water.
I was doing the work of arts,
By shading the bullockcarts.
When,period was over ,It was lunch
And before lunch, I have eaten my MUNCH!!!


My feeling in an open area!!

I've always hid my face,
When I'm in a new place.
I feel like I'm drowning,
And everyone is just looking and frowning.
They think I'm weak,
And nothing but meek.
I always feel shy,
Sometimes I think when will I fly.
But they will soon know that,
I'm neither weak or meek,
And all the attention I will seek.
This discrimination is the barrier,
Which is making this country scarrier.
I hope that one day this will end,
And each others,

Self Love!!!!

Its not hard to walk away,
leaving behind the problems in vain.
Hold yourself upright,
And be the one whose always right;
Impossible its seem to be......
Being real is the hardest thing,
Why be the fake personality?
When you can be loved for your real self!!!
Let's praise others for being themselves...
And not pull their esteem down,
By just our words;
That can cause toxicity in someone's mind.....
Be good and empathetic towards the one around you....
So,that you are praised for,
The nature that resides within you,
And those humanly feelings!!!!!

Letting Go

I needed to be alone,
in a place I can called my own
far away from all the noise,
So,I could regain all my poise,
Somewhere far away,
Where the sky is no longer grey
And the sun shines,
while birds fly in a perfect lines
By the calm ocean,
I'll put my dreams into motion,
Laying under sunflower,
In these fields for hours and hours,
I'm letting go of my pain,
discovering peace within my heart,
Ready for my fresh start!!!